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The Hares are a campaign group lobbying for a change in the law to create gender equality in the peerage by ending male primogeniture.
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‘There should not be gender discrimination in Britain – full stop.’ Lord Dubs



4 thoughts on “Hares are running…

  1. Some years ago I tried to make a documentary on the subject of primogeniture. It has affected women in my family in particular over land and money. In the end no woman I invited would take part out of fear of the consequences. A peer called Lord Silver was trying to introduce a bill to promote the succession of the eldest child to the title. I am not a fan of the House of Lords or in general of the landed gentry but to get equality for women is a start and I would like to

    know more about your campaign. I read about it the Guardian. Please could you send me some information. Thanks. Ev Hesketh

  2. Liza Campbell hit the nail on the head: ” … property is power.” Women are arbitrarily deprived of property (power), via the divorce court, because the legal establishment deems it ‘in the public interest’ to do so – despite the fact that deprivation of property contravenes the UN Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women, and the European Convention on Human Rights (Article 14 – gender discrimination, and Article 1 of Protocol 1 – deprivation of property).

    This is particularly unjust to women farmers: their farms are their homes and livelihood. Not knowing that partnership agreements with their husbands are, in effect, nullified by marriage, and access is denied to the chancery court to prevent them exercising their rights, they are deeply shocked when their life’s work is taken away at the stroke of a judge’s pen.

    Be brave, sisters! Speak out – and ignore the ‘aristocratic omerta’ which has stifled the lords. A successful legal challenge is possible: claimants are waiting, the evidence is there, all that is needed is a brave lawyer.

  3. I’m an editor at large at Marie Claire France. I project to feature the hares campaign to be published in November Marie Claire issue. This idea of you Ladies, female aristocrats “lobbying” for a change in the rules of inheritance is a very contemporary… and subversive. The article will be 7 pages , a kind of portfolio, (with photographies shot by a high level photographer) and a text based on interviews. It’s a great story to cover for our magazine concerned with equality issues. Thank you to email me if you feel like taking part to the story. Catherine Castro; cath.castro@gmail.com

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